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Coolant System Flush & Service 


  • Cleans entire engine cooling system, water pump and radiator
  • Protects against rust and scale on internal metal parts
  • Eliminates overheating
  • Can be used with all antifreeze/coolants, including long-life products.

​Keep your engine from overheatingyour paragraph here.

Cooling System Service

A cooling system flush can keep your engine running smooth and cool even on the hottest days. Regularly changing your coolant, aka antifreeze, can prevent larger problems for your cooling system and engine and keep your family safe on the road.

​​Failing to change your coolant can take as much as 100,000 miles off the life of your engine, in addition to big problems and expensive repairs.

Coolant flows through your entire engine, leaving behind contaminants. They can collect on the radiator, inside the water pump or thermostat, getting stuck and preventing the components from working appropriately. 

​The benefits of having your radiator flushed are:

Removes Rust and Scale Deposit
Removes Contaminants
Protect Against Rust and Foam